Enjoy the new age the good old pan and paper game Battleship, now in color! Play against the computer or duel your friends making your career to the space admiral!

Battleship Sci-Fi battle screen

* Multiplayer over WiFi (in LAN)
* Multiplayer over Bluetooth (FULL version)
* Two board types (with square and new: hexagonal cells)
* Nice Sci-Fi theme and sounds
* Continue interrupted games
* Career mode (scores and ranks) with individual profile management
* Normal and simple modes (4er and 5er ship-squadrons)
* Switchable help makers, showing inactive area around destroyed squadrons.
* Localized to English, German, Russian (simplified and traditional Chinese are outdated now -- needs to be revisited).
Note: some of the features are available to the full version exclusively!

Worth knowing:

  • The game will automatically copy your profile from the lite version to the full version, if you use one of the "upgrade to the full version" dialogues inside the game. Alternatively You can backup your lite profile in the profile management screen and restore it in the full version.

  • If you want to see the game in your native language and can translate the used strings, just contact me!

  • There are a lot of different Android devices with mixed OS/Hardware setups. It is just impossible to test the game on each device. Therefore if you hit an issue on your device, please help to fix it following these instructions.

  • You can help to improve the game: rate the game in the market, write your suggestions for improvements.

Thank you!

Visit the Android Market to buy the full game or try the lite version.

Don't forget to rate the game, especially if you like it!

Reporting an issue.

The instructions below are valid for Android devices running the Android OS before the 4.x version. Since Jelly-Bean apps cannot read the global system logs any more -- the apps can read only their own logs.

Android is a very widely spread system running on a lot of different device configurations. Therefore it is impossible to test the app even on a major device set (for a single developer). So please help to discover the errors occurring on your device! Please follow these instructions:
  1. Install a system logger application (like "catlog").
  2. If you are able to enter the "config" screen from the main Battleship screen, enable the "Debug logging" there.
  3. Reproduce the steps leading to the issue.
  4. If the misbehavior occurs, change to the system-log application (e.g. "catlog").
  5. Send the log directly to me or to you self, where you can examine the content first (In "catlog" use the options menu and select "send").
    If you are in worry about the privacy of the logged data, Catlog allows to filter the log lines by Process-Id: Find the last entry "****Battleship-SciFi::Init****", long press on it, then select "Process-Id". Now the log collection will contain only the lines produced by Battleship application and you can safely send them to the developer:
  6. Add a note: What you did you do, what did you observe, what did you expect and what went wrong.
  7. Disable the "Debug logging" in the "config" screen (otherwise the game will produce a lot of log lines polluting your system log).
Thank you in advance!

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