Enjoy the new age the good old pan and paper game Battleship, now in color! Play against the computer or duel your friends making your career to the space admiral!

Battleship Sci-Fi battle screen

* Multiplayer over WiFi (in LAN)
* Multiplayer over Bluetooth (FULL version)
* Two board types (with square and new: hexagonal cells)
* Nice Sci-Fi theme and sounds
* Continue interrupted games
* Career mode (scores and ranks) with individual profile management
* Normal and simple modes (4er and 5er ship-squadrons)
* Switchable help makers, showing inactive area around destroyed squadrons.
* Localized to English, German, Russian (simplified and traditional Chinese are outdated now -- needs to be revisited).
Note: some of the features are available to the full version exclusively!

Worth knowing:

  • The game will automatically copy your profile from the lite version to the full version, if you use one of the "upgrade to the full version" dialogues inside the game. Alternatively You can backup your lite profile in the profile management screen and restore it in the full version.

  • If you want to see the game in your native language and can translate the used strings, just contact me!

  • There are a lot of different Android devices with mixed OS/Hardware setups. It is just impossible to test the game on each device. Therefore if you hit an issue on your device, please help to fix it following these instructions.

  • You can help to improve the game: rate the game in the market, write your suggestions for improvements.

Thank you!

Visit the Android Market to buy the full game or try the lite version.

Don't forget to rate the game, especially if you like it!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CosmicPatrol 1.9.15

The version 1.9.15 adapts the battle screen for devices with Full-HD screens (like the Samsung Galaxy S4).

Enjoy the game!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

CosmicPatrol 1.9.14

The version 1.9.14 corrects background music resuming for certain Android & lock-screen mixes. Further an interrupted game will resume direct to the battle screen (if the game will not be killed by Android in the background).

Enjoy the game!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CosmicPatrol is on the market again

Finally Google has managed to re-publish both versions of CosmicPatrol!
All together the game was nearly three months off the US market. Google showed very slow support on this subject: The game was renamed and approved by Hasbro in just a week... Bad job Google!

Enjoy the game!

Monday, February 4, 2013

CosmicPatrol naming conflict


Finally Google has managed to re-publish the CosmicPatrol app in the US market, but not the CosmicPatrol LITE version. I have no idea why the LITE version is still blocked.
Hope this will be clarified in the next days (or weeks -- the Google-support way).

Enjoy the game!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Battleship naming conflict

Today I have got an email from Google. They say, that they have to remove the Battleship Sci-Fi games from the Google Play market (as all other games, which have the word Battleship in their name) because of the trademark infringement. Looks like the Hasbro company has a registered trademark for the word "Battleship".

I hope Google will be able to re enable the game in short, since the internal name of the game was always "CosmicPatrol" (as can be recognized on each logbook screenshot). So I plan to name the game back to the original version. The game has been once renamed to be found more easily on the market for people who search for the good old pen&paper game "Battleship" (wiki-link).

To be continued...

So, a new version (1.9.11) of the game has been uploaded to the Google Play market. The only change is the name of the game, which is now again 'CosmicPatrol' as the very first versions published on the market


Unfortunately Google is really SLOW at republishing of the removed game (now with changed name). It takes nearly one month for  a single mail response. That is also the service I pay 30% of my income for...

Enjoy the game!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Battleship Sci-Fi 1.9.10

The version 1.9.9 has fixed the start-up crash bug for tablet devices. But unfortunately on Nexus-7 the graphics were displayed incorrectly. So the version 1.9.10, which fixes that issue, has been released just a few days later...

Further the version 1.9.10 adds the ACRA library, which shall help to collect crash information and send those in case of an error to the developer (The user has to confirm the sending).
The initial package for 1.9.10 version has been extended with the preference READ_LOGS, which allows to read the system logs. Unfortunately there is no way to make a finer difference: That my application wants to read only own log lines. And of course there are users, which immediately put 1-star ratings, cause of the READ_LOGS preference -- don't blame me for the possibility of seeing sensible data in the log: Blame Google for not making a finer access control and the developers of other applications, who put sensible data into the common log!
But since I cannot change the current situation, I have just rebuild the package with READ_LOGS preference removed. So I hope all people are now happy (besides of me, in case I have to catch some mystic bugs on specific devices, but who cares...)

Enjoy the game!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Battleship-SciFi 1.9.4

This version adds new workaround paths for the buggy Bluetooth stacks (FULL version only). Further internal design have been changed to fix some issues caused by low-resource environment.
Enjoy the game!

Feel free to put your comments regarding this version to this blog entry. Especially, if you want my feedback or support!